How To Make The Perfect Espresso In 4 Steps

Making the perfect espresso takes time and practice. You might not succeed from your first try, but trying out different coffee brands and brewing methods will definitely help you obtain an amazing beverage after a few tries.

Brewing the perfect espresso takes time and practice. However, the entire coffee-making process is easier when you know exactly what you have to do. This article will explain the exact steps of making an amazing espresso. To make the perfect espresso you have to perform the following steps:

Grind, Dose, Tamp, Brew

1. Grind Your Coffee

  • If you want to make the perfect espresso then you should start with grinding the beans. Make sure the coffee beans are freshly roasted. This way, the flavor of the espresso will be amazing.
  • It is very important to grind your coffee beans correctly. The texture you are aiming for is the fine ground coffee. Having the perfect granulation will improve the aroma of your beverage. It affects the contact time, which is one of the critical aspects of brewing a quality coffee-based beverage.If the ground coffee is too fine, the overall taste of the beverage will be bitter-sour. On the other hand, if you do not grind the beans enough and you use a coarse ground, the water will spend too little time in contact with the coffee and the espresso will be just colored water with no actual taste.
  • Make sure you check out this ​[insert hyperlink of the 1_Article after publishing] ​to understand every aspect related to ground coffee and what grinding size to use for different beverages.

2. Measure Dosage

  • It is very important to carefully choose the amount of ground coffee you use in your espresso. Usually, the dose for a single-shot is between 7 and 10 grams. As a result, the dose for a double-shot should be between 14 and 20 grams.Keep in mind that these quantities depend on your personal preferences: if you want a stronger espresso, do not hesitate to put 20 grams in a double-shot. It will surely stimulate your senses!

3. Tamp Grounds

  • After choosing the right amount of coffee for your perfect espresso, make sure you distribute it evenly. Uniformity of extraction is realized by packing the grounded coffee equally in the portafilter.If you do not tamp the ground well enough, beans’ aroma will not be extracted effectively. This can lead to poor quality espresso. Keep in mind that coarse and extra-coarse grounds require a firmer tamp compared to fine and extra-fine grounds. Adapt the tamp to the coffee grinding size.

4. Brew The Perfect Espresso

  • After making sure you have correctly performed the above-mentioned steps, all you have to do is to brew your perfect espresso. But hold on! Brewing is not a one-and-done job. It requires attention and prior knowledge.The ideal brewing time for a double-shot espresso is between 20 and 30 seconds. If you let it brew more it will become tasteless. If you do not wait for enough, the taste will not fulfill your expectations.If everything is perfect, the first part of the brew will have a dark brown color that will turn to a golden foamy texture after approximately ten seconds. The single-shots should have 30ml each. So if you dosed a double-shot, you should wait until the beverage has reached 60ml.