Elegant Coffee Is Family Owned & Operated

Elegant Coffee has been delivering quality coffee since we opened in 2018. Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience, coffee your way through customization, and tremendous value for our customers!

Russell Craig has over 10 years of experience in Quality Coffee and is passionate about exceeding your expectations. While living in Ethiopia for over 10 years, he took an interest in every aspect of coffee; how it’s grown, picked, washed, dried, and roasted. Gaining knowledge of the process from the locals, he decided to start his own coffee business, Elegant Coffee. Since 2018, he has partnered with other farms around the world to provide a truly Elegant Coffee experience, delivered from us, to you.

Our partners in Ethiopia and now-around the world; work ensure every bean arrives safe, fresh, and ready to roast.

We appreciate all of our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please Contact us if you need assistance or have any questions.