Different Grind Sizes For Different Coffee Brewing Methods

​Have you ever wondered what grind size to use to get the perfect cup of coffee? This article will explain to you how to choose the perfect grind size for the most popular brewing methods.

A freshly brewed cup of coffee is a great way to boost your mood. If you want to make the perfect cup of coffee, you must choose the right ground as per the brewing method. Continue reading to find out what the most popular grind sizes are and which shall be used for popular brewing methods.

Different Grinds

  • Coffee Brewing Methods Depending on what type of coffee you are planning on brewing you should choose the appropriate grind size. Let’s see what size you can use for the most popular brewing methods.


    ● Cowboy Coffee
    ● Cold Brew


    ● French Press
    ● Cold Brew


    ● Chemex Machine
    ● Cafe Solo Brewer


    ● Aeropress
    ● Siphon


    ● Pour-Over
    ● Aeropress


    ● Espresso
    ● Flat White
    ● Macchiato
    ● Mocha
    ● Caffé Latte
    ● FrappeExtra-fine
    ● Turkish Coffee
    ● Ristretto

Let’s take a look at every possibility and its characteristics.


This texture is rarely used when brewing coffee because it requires extensive preparations. To obtain an extra-fine ground you can use either a Turkish grinder or a burr grinder (on the finest setting). You cannot use blade coffee grinders.

Its usual texture is similar to flour or baby powder.


This ground is also called ​Espresso Grind ​ because it is commonly used when brewing espressos. It can be achieved with a per grinder.

However, if all you have is a blade grinder, you should only grind 2 tablespoons of coffee beans at once. Put them in and pulse the grinder until you reach the desired granulation (up to 30 seconds per cup).

This ground size looks like regular table salt.


This ground size is commonly referred to as the ​Pour-Over ​ Grind ​ . It can be used with automatic coffee machines or manual pour-overs.

This size is finer than the beach sand, yet not as fine as the espresso grind.


The medium ground is the most commonly used ground size. It can be achieved using blade grinders by putting the coffee beans altogether and pulse the grinder for 15-20 seconds.

Its texture is similar to beach sand.


This type of ground is recommended for Chemex and Cafe Solo devices. It is more coarse than the medium size, yet finer than the coarse grind size.

It features a texture similar to the kosher salt or rough sand.


The coarse size is also called the ​French Press Grind ​ because it is commonly used when brewing coffee with a French Press. To achieve this grind size with a regular blade grinder, pulse the beans for a short period (maximum 10 seconds).

This ground’s texture is similar to sea salt.


The extra-coarse grind size is as large as you can achieve with most of the burr grinders. It contains large bean particles with sharp edges. It is commonly used in brewings with long contact time.

Its texture is similar to peppercorns.

If you want to learn more about grind sizes for popular brew methods, watch ​this video​.
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